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Current Estate Club
Why should GRCA Improve the Estate Club?
The expansion of the Estate Club will enhance the lifestyle Changes and attractiveness
of the Gainey Ranch community,
and increase property values.
  An updated Clubhouse will assist GRCA in maintaining Gainey Ranch’s competitive edge.
An updated Clubhouse is necessary to meet the growing needs and expectations
of homeowners for high-quality facilities and services.
What are the risks if action is not taken?
  The  risk for Gainey Ranch is being viewed as an aged community as compared to current
and newer communities that continue to invest in their facilities.
  Investment of funds in the current facility to patch and maintain does not address growth or
quality issues, and limits the ability to provide services to our homeowners.
  Current interest rates remain favorable.
Estate Club current condition

The Estate Club built in the 1950's was the original home of Daniel Gainey.

The GRCA has continued to maintain the building, the most recent improvement in 2015
adding the current cardio equipment room.
Homeowner activities have outgrown the capacity of the Estate Club for meeting space,
fitness activity space, and social event space.
The Estate Club does not meet current electrical, plumbing, building or ADA/safety codes
and will require significant investment.
Whether wiring, plumbing, flooring, or roofing the 65+ year old Estate Club has
received extensive patching and additions over the years
to cost effectively meet the need of that time.

Any significant remodeling will require the Estate Club to be brought
up to current building code requirements.


Estate Club Vision

GRCA is working on new site plans and renderings to provide an updated vision for the Club.

This Estate Club Improvement Project will be presented on November 12, 2019 -7pm at the Gainey Ranch Golf Club.  The presentation will include, architectural renderings, site plan, floor plan, construction cost, proposed funding of construction, and the projected costs to maintain
the new facility on an annual basis.

GRCA is currently reviewing building replacement, as well as, a major remodel
to determine the cost-effective approach.
The GRCA and members of the community look forward to the fall presentation
and discussion with our fellow homeowners.

The following link is provided to allow for comments to be collected, that will be provided to the GRCA Board and community during this important initiative.


Current Estate Club