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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Administration

Why am I getting late fees? Statements are generated by the third business day of the month and are due no later than the last day of that same month. If payment is received on or after the first day of the following month, it is late and late fees are assessed.

Why are there two late fees? You property is a part of two associations. The Master Association charges a flat $ 15.00 late fee. the fees for the various satellite communities vary according to their CC&Rs.

Why didn’t I get my statement? Does the GRCA have an incorrect mailing address for you? Did you sign up for electronic billing? Either of these will result in your not receiving a current statement in the mail. With electronic billing you may access your statement online. If you need assistance in accessing your statement, please call the GRCA Administration office (480-951-0321).

Why isn’t my bill the same as last month? This can occur for a number of reasons. Did you purchase an access card or pool key or attend a social function? If so, your account was debited.

What’s my password? We can help you if you’re trying to log into GateAccess.net (call 480-951-0321). If you are attempting to see your statement online, you can get a temporary password using the statement software. Select “Forgot Login” just below the LOGIN button and follow the instructions.

Can you give me my friend’s or neighbor’s phone number or e-mail address? GRCA staff cannot give out that information but we will call or e-mail the person you are trying to reach and request they contact you.

What day is trash pick up at Gainey Ranch? The City of Scottsdale collects refuse (trash) on Mondays and recyclables on Thursdays. Containers should be curbside by 5:00 am and removed as soon as possible after collection. The Solid Waste Department observes very few holidays. Schedules, lists and helpful information can be found on Scottsdale’s website www.scottsdaleaz.gov or by calling 480-312-5600.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Estate Club

Can I rent the Estate Clubhouse for a private function? Yes, homeowners can rent the facility for $200. The rental fee includes use of the great room, kitchen, patio, library, and activity lawn. Each rental requires a contract with a deposit and an appointment with the Director of the Estate Club prior to reserving the date. Other onsite rental equipment is available for a fee and may be discussed at the appointment with the Director.

Do Homeowners get free gym access at any time? Yes, all homeowners may use the fitness center and attend fitness classes at no cost. Homeowners may use the gym before and after Club operating hours by having their access cards activated at the Administration office.

How do homeowners sign up for tennis? Homeowners interested in using the tennis courts on a daily basis or on a monthly need to fill out a membership form and pay the fee for a tennis membership. All memberships are activated at the Administration office.

What is the Club Card? It is our new card, with the GR logo, that allows everyone to quickly check in by scanning their cards at the front desk. It provides tracking system on a daily and monthly basis for activity at the Estate Club.

Architectural Coordinator Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for submitting an architectural application for review? For all major projects, there is a $45.00 submittal fee. Minor enhancements do not need a fee but an application is still required.

I would like to take out a tree and, possibly, put another back in. Do I need to get approval for that? All tree and landscaping removals and installs require approval by Master Architectural Committee.

We will be remodeling our home and will have a dumpster in our driveway. Does a dumpster require approval? Yes, a dumpster is only permitted to be on a property for a certain period of time, and approval must be given by the community board and Master Architectural Committee for the dumpster, as well as a port-a-potty if also needed.

I would like to make changes to the landscaping in my back yard, and no one sees it, do I need to get approval for the modifications? All changes that occur to the exterior of the home, whether the front or back yard, whether visible to neighbors or not, do require Master Architectural Committee approval.

Does Gainey Ranch have a list of approved trees and plants or can I plant whatever I choose? Gainey Ranch Community Association has an Illustrated Plant List for homeowners to borrow to determine what they would like to plant. There are a few communities within Gainey that do have their own plant list, but no matter what, everything that is being planted will require Master Architectural Committee approval.

Security Frequently Asked Questions

If I have an emergency, who do I call? Always call 911 in an emergency so appropriate personnel can be dispatched. If you have time, after calling 911, call Security and we will respond to your situation.

I am having overnight guests and they are driving a motorhome. Can they park in front of my residence overnight? There is no overnight street parking of any vehicle in Gainey Ranch. However if you call Security at 480-596-0125 they will help arrange parking for your guest on a temporary basis.

Who should I call if I need assistance? The West Plaza is a 24/7 operation that can assist you with your security needs. They can dispatch a patrol officer (also a 24/7 operation) to your residence if needed or assist you with other issues you may have. The West Plaza phone number is 480-948-9378. You can also call Security Administration at 480-596-0125, M-F 6:30 am to 2:30 pm with non-emergency concerns.

I see coyotes and other wildlife all over Gainey Ranch. What can be done to remove these animals? Arizona Game and Fish will not allow the removal wildlife from Gainey Ranch unless it is clear that the animal is an immediate danger to humans. They have published a brochure on the subject of living with wildlife which is available in the Administration office and online at www.azgfd.gov.

I have a delivery to my home coming tomorrow. How do I get them into Gainey Ranch? Call the West Plaza at 480-948-9378 and they will assist you.