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Gainey Ranch Community Association

All owners of Gainey Ranch property, residential and nonresidential, are members of the Gainey Ranch Community Association (GRCA).

The eighteen residential communities within Gainey Ranch each have their own sub-association known as a Satellite Association. The characteristics of the eighteen residential communities can be viewed by clicking on ‘Community Profile.’ Property owners within a satellite community are members of both the GRCA and their own satellite association.

To ensure uniform quality maintenance throughout Gainey Ranch, each satellite association is required by the governing documents to employ the GRCA to maintain landscape and building maintenance elements within the communities.

The GRCA is governed by a five-person Board of Directors. Each Director is elected by the members and serves two-year terms without compensation. The Executive Director functions as the GRCA’s chief operating officer.

Each GRCA member is entitled to one vote per membership and the number of memberships is determined as follows based on the GRCA Declaration:

  1. Residential members – One vote per lot or unit owned with a total of 1035 memberships.
  2. Non-residential members – The number is calculated based on a formula relating to the size of the parcel owned and the square feet contained in the improvements of the parcel. Currently, there are 348 memberships.

Four members of the Board of Directors are elected by the residential members and one Board member is elected by the nonresidential members.

Annual budgets, including reserve studies, are prepared for the GRCA and for each satellite association. The monthly assessment amounts are calculated by dividing each association’s budgeted total cash requirement by the number of memberships in that association. All GRCA members pay the same monthly assessment amount in addition to their own satellite association’s monthly assessment.