Welcome to Gainey Ranch

Since 1981, Gainey Ranch has been a premier living destination in Scottsdale and an “oasis” in the desert. As a mixed-use luxury community created to enhance the many benefits of the Scottsdale lifestyle, the community surrounds the 27-hole Gainey Ranch golf course and the homes provide private neighborhood living within a resort atmosphere.

Mission Statement

Gainey Ranch Community Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Gainey Ranch Community Association is to provide level of service to our members that exceed expectation, are professional based, and centered on open communication, that fulfill the legal and intent of the CCR governing documents, provides professional management, and respect all members and employees.

Values:                  Integrity & Respect

                              Open Communication

                              Excellence in all assignments


                              Friendliness to all homeowners and guests

Focus:                  Professional management

                             Homeowner first

                            Developing a sense of Community

                            Maintain the quality and character of all aspects of Gainey Ranch

Goals:                 Exceeding homeowner expectations

                            Professional service that meets the intent of the CCR’s, Regulations

                           Respect to all roles individuals play in the success of Gainey Ranch