Classes & Seminars

Fitness classes

The Estate Club fitness program continues to grow to meet homeowners needs.

Mat Pilates

Joseph Pilates style mat class. All on the mat focusing on the core and breathing, and alignment of the body. A total body workout on the safety of the ground.

Turbo Dance

A great combo of flexibility, strength, tone, and most of all fun. A class for those who love to move with upbeat music.

Circuit Training

Full body work out utilizing weights and various equipment. A great cardio and strength workout.


A perfect way to wake up or end your morning. Mostly done on the mat you will stretch all the major muscle groups in the body to keep you moving and active the rest of the day.

Abs & Arms

Strength training class focusing on your favorite areas! We tone your arms with a variety of tools including your own body weight and incorporate core exercises to tone and strengthen and tone your abs and core.

Total Body Strength

30 minutes of functional strength moves to help you feel stronger in your everyday activities.


30 minutes of balance training drills and skills. Test your balance in a safe and fun environment. Practice makes perfect.

Balance and Core

We start by warming up the core or powerhouse of your body, and move to balance training skills so that you can use these tools all day long.

Chair Fitness

Exercising with the use of a chair to help members that are unable ot stand for long periods of time or get down on the floor.

Memory Fitness

Exercising of the mind with the use of memory games, word games, and overall health strategies for the brain.


Strength training class focuses on your legs and core! We tone your legs with a variety of tools including your own body weight and with weights. WE also focus on core strengthen exercises to tone your abs.