Who We Are


The mission of the Gainey Ranch Community Association is to provide a level of service to our members that exceed expectation; is professional and centered on open communication; that fulfills the intent of the governing documents; provides professional management, and respects all members and staff.

All owners of Gainey Ranch property, residential and nonresidential, are members of the Gainey Ranch Community Association (GRCA).

The eighteen residential communities within Gainey Ranch each have their own sub-association known as a Satellite Association. The characteristics of the eighteen residential communities can be viewed by clicking on ‘Community Profile.’ Property owners within a satellite community are members of both the GRCA and their own satellite association.

To ensure uniform quality maintenance throughout Gainey Ranch, each satellite association is required by the governing documents to employ the GRCA to maintain landscape and building maintenance elements within the communities.

The GRCA is governed by a five-person Board of Directors. Each Director is elected by the members and serves two-year terms without compensation. The Executive Director functions as the GRCA’s chief operating officer.

Each GRCA member is entitled to one vote per membership and the number of memberships is determined as follows based on the GRCA Declaration:

Residential Members

One vote per lot or unit owned with a total of 1035 memberships.

Non-Residential Members

The number is calculated based on a formula relating to the size of the parcel owned and the square feet contained in the improvements of the parcel. Currently, there are 348 memberships.

Four members of the Board of Directors are elected by the residential members and one Board member is elected by the nonresidential members.

Annual budgets, including reserve studies, are prepared for the GRCA and for each satellite association. The monthly assessment amounts are calculated by dividing each association’s budgeted total cash requirement by the number of memberships in that association. All GRCA members pay the same monthly assessment amount in addition to their own satellite association’s monthly assessment.



Does the GRCA have an incorrect mailing address for you?  If you need assistance with this, please call the GRCA Administration Office (480-951-0321).

This can occur for a number of reasons. Did you purchase an access card or pool key or have a charge in Club Automation?

We can help you if you’re trying to log into GateAccess.net (call 480-951-0321).

GRCA staff cannot give out that information, but we will call or e-mail the person you are trying to reach and request they contact you.

Estate Club

Yes, please contact Estate Club Director Anne Blazek for details. (480-951-2879, ablazek@gaineyranchca.com

There is no charge for the fitness area. Homeowners may use the fitness center before and after normal, business hours.  To access the fitness center, stop at the Administration Office to have your card activated for this.

Homeowners interested in using the tennis courts on a daily basis or on a monthly need to fill out a membership form and pay the fee for a tennis membership. All memberships are activated at the Administration office.

 It is our new card, with the GR logo, that allows everyone to quickly check in by scanning their cards at the front desk. It provides tracking system on a daily and monthly basis for activity at the Estate Club.

The City of Scottsdale collects refuse (trash) on Tuesday and recyclables on Thursdays. Containers should be curbside by 5:00 am and removed as soon as possible after collection. The Solid Waste Department observes very few holidays. Schedules, lists and helpful information can be found on Scottsdale’s website  or by calling 480-312-5600.

Architectural Coordinator

For all major projects, there is a $45.00 submittal fee. Minor enhancements do not need a fee but an application is still required.

All tree and landscaping removals and installs require approval by Master Architectural Committee.

Yes, a dumpster is only permitted to be on a property for a certain period of time, and approval must be given by the community board and Master Architectural Committee for the dumpster, as well as a port-a-potty if also needed.

All changes that occur to the exterior of the home, whether the front or back yard, whether visible to neighbors or not, do require Master Architectural Committee approval.

Or can I plant whatever I choose? Go the Architectural Guidelines page to see approved lists of plants.   Anything that is being removed, planted or any changes at all, will require Master Architectural Committee Approval.


In the event of an emergency, dial 911, so the appropriate personnel may be dispatched to you immediately.
There is NO overnight street parking allowed on Gainey Ranch. Any oversized vehicles such as a Motor home, Travel trailers, RV’s, Boats and 1-ton pickups are not allowed to park on Gainey Ranch. Please plan for your guests oversized vehicles parking elsewhere.

Any non-emergency issue, should call Security at the West Gate. They are a 24/7 operation. A patrol officer will be dispatched to assist you, if needed.  ( 480-948-9378 )

rizona Game and Fish will not allow the removal wildlife from Gainey Ranch unless it is clear that the animal is an immediate danger to humans.

Arizona Game and Fish has published a brochure on the subject of living with wildlife which is available in the Administration office and online at www.azgfd.gov.

Call the West Plaza at 480-948-9378 and they will assist you. 

You can also go to GateAccess.net and manage your list yourself. 

Contact Gainey Ranch Administration Office, Mon – Fri ( 480-951-0321 ). GRCA will get you your Access LOGIN information.

  • West Gate 24/7 operation  ( 480-948-9378 )
  • East Gate 7 days a week    6am – 12am   ( 480-948-3278 )     
  • North Gate Mon – Fri   6am -2pm  ( 480-951-3460 )


Daniel C. Gainey was an enterprising Minnesotan who made a personal fortune selling school class rings. He later became a friend and confidante of two U.S. presidents and, along the way, achieved international recognition for his consuming passion and second career, the breeding of Arabian horses.

Gainey used his Scottsdale ranch to stable 30 to 40 of his 100 Arabian horses, graze an average herd of 160 Hereford cattle, and grow various agriculture crops.

Markborough Properties, a Toronto-based company owned by Canada’s Hudson Bay Company – the oldest chartered trading company in Canada – formed Markland Properties, locating it in the up and coming Phoenix metropolitan area. In 1980, Markland Properties purchased 560 acres of land from Daniel C. Gainey. By the mid 1980s, Markland Properties began breaking ground, in more ways than one.

The intent was to master plan and develop a new ‘living resort’ community that would become a benchmark for living well. It would preserve and feature the nature of the area; the beautiful blue sky, the warm sunshine and the desert. He would combine it with the best of Scottsdale to form a community.

Markland wanted it to be like a small town; like those that exist all across America, where many of us retain deep roots and form fond memories. It would feel like a small town; one preserved and served by the surrounding growth, a cozy, laid-back urban oasis. A place of refuge from life’s daily cares. A place where residents could enjoy life to the fullest. A place they would be proud to call home. In a nod to the history, it would be called Gainey Ranch.

Since that time, Gainey Ranch has been a premier address for living in Scottsdale. With lush landscaping and palm tree lined roads, the vibrant and highly-desirable Gainey Ranch community is truly an oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert.

As a dedication to the community’s past, and as a symbol for the community’s future, the original Gainey family house was converted into the Estate Club.

The Gainey Ranch Community Association still embraces Markland’s mission and continues to work hard to make Gainey Ranch the best that it can be for its residents.