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Gainey Ranch Architectural Guidelines

Gainey Ranch, as a master-planned community, was positioned to be at the forefront by offering high quality, value, and lifestyle. Key to accomplishing this objective is the GRCA architectural guidelines and enforcing them through constant vigilance and attention to detail.

Please go to Design Guidelines and Standards for specific community guidelines, as well as the Master Guidelines. You can contact the Architectural Coordinator at:

The principal objective of the architectural guidelines has been to protect property values and overall design quality of the development. Historically, developments with controls frequently appreciate in value faster than units in more conventional communities that do not have architectural controls. This protection has been accomplished by restricting individual owners from making exterior changes to their properties, which would detract from Gainey Ranch’s visual appearance and its contemporary community environment.

The Gainey Ranch Architectural Guidelines require the submittal of an Architectural Committee Application, including copies of the plans, prior to making any improvements, alterations or changes which in any way alter the exterior appearance.

In an effort to fulfill Gainey Ranch’s objective of offering superior quality, value, and lifestyle, the Board of Directors retains and appoints an Architectural Committee consisting of consulting architects to review all plans and their functions to confirm a consistent quality level concerning all Gainey Ranch improvements. The GRCA charges a processing fee to help defer its costs to review submittals. The Architectural Committee Coordinator can be contacted at the GRCA Administration Office, (480) 951-0321, to obtain an Architectural Committee Application form and to determine the processing fee structure.

All exterior changes are subject to the Architectural Committee review.

The plans are reviewed by both the GRCA Architectural Committee and the Architectural Committee for the satellite association where the improvement or change is proposed. Both committees must approve the submittal before the application can be approved and the work started.

The GRCA Architectural Committee is authorized to charge a penalty of $450 for any improvements or changes started or completed prior to the required committee approval. It may also be necessary to remove any unapproved improvements whenever the committees do not ultimately approve such work.