Tennis and Pickleball


The Estate Club pickleball program is popular with homeowners, a great way to meet new friends.

Pickleball enthusiasts will find no shortage of opportunities at the Estate Club, where the sport thrives as a centerpiece of our recreational offerings. With four courts available for play from the early morning hours of 7:00 am until the evening’s close at 9:00 pm, members have ample time to engage in this fast-growing sport.

The new to Gainey Ranch Pickleball program is active with many Gainey homeowners participating.

Whether you’re dropping in for a casual game, attending one of our expert-led clinics, or seeking tailored guidance through private or group lessons, there’s an experience tailored for every skill level. As the sun sets, our courts come alive with night play sessions, further enhanced by convivial pickleball-themed happy hours. Competitive spirits can find camaraderie in our organized leagues or participate in our special fundraisers.

For those moments of respite, or simply to enjoy the sport as a spectator, our adjacent patio offers the perfect vantage point. Novices or those without equipment can take advantage of paddle rentals, while homeowners have the exclusive privilege of renting out courts for private events or sessions. At the Estate Club, pickleball is not just a sport—it’s a community.


At Gainey Ranch Estate Club, tennis stands as an embodiment of both sport and lifestyle.

Boasting six meticulously maintained, lighted tennis courts, members are welcomed to indulge in the rhythm of the game from the early hours of 7:00 am until the tranquil hues of 9:00 pm. Enhance your skills through our comprehensive clinics or opt for individualized coaching via private lessons, all orchestrated by seasoned professionals.

Those awaiting their turn or those who cherish the spectator’s role can unwind on the adjacent patio, soaking in the atmosphere and the thrill of live matches. For those who prefer a cooler ambiance, our Athletic Lounge offers a comfortable haven where matches can be viewed in the comfort of air-conditioned splendor.

Our state-of-the-art ball machine stands ready for players eager to perfect their strokes, while dedicated men’s and women’s day play sessions foster both competition and camaraderie. Gainey Ranch Estate Club is where tennis enthusiasts come to play, improve, and celebrate their passion.

About the Facilities

If you want to tune up your game, you can participate in group or private lessons instructed by our qualified professionals for tennis or pickleball.

There are 6 tennis courts and 4 pickleball courts all with lighting for evening play.

The current Estate Club tennis/pickleball program offers:

  • Group Lessons
  • Drop-In Clinics
  • Social Tennis Events
  • Private Lessons