Current Residents

Gainey Ranch Security Program

Surveys have indicated that Gainey Ranch’s sophisticated security program is the community’s most important amenity.

Gainey Ranch is a walled and gated community with manned entrance gates. Gainey Ranch has its own security force on duty, 24/7. All residential areas are protected by walls, fences and electronic gates creating one of the largest privately supervised communities in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Three manned security plazas service most residential neighborhoods and the remaining residential areas are secured by individual electronic, unmanned entry gate systems supplemented by state-of-the-art cameras.

Within the community, a roving patrol operates around the clock to further enhance privacy and safety. In addition, there is a nighttime patrol unit circulating on the golf courses. Patrol vehicles contain rescue and first-aid equipment. Trained personnel are available to assist in handling medical, fire and security emergencies until the appropriate municipal service arrives on the scene.

Each Gainey Ranch residence contains an alarm system with specified minimum components for protection against intrusion, and to alert fire, police or medical services. The Gainey Ranch Community Association provides a monitoring account for each member of the residential community; homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair expense for their home alarm system. Residents may contact Monika Goodwin at the GRCA administration office on 480 951-0321 regarding repairs to the alarm system. The monitoring company, A.P.I., can be reached at 480-951-4463.


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